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Pre-game Fuel

What is Water Polo?

    By Erin Neustrom (U-M Water Polo ’23) What is Water Polo? A question that I have been asked more often than not during my 5 years at Michigan and a question that the majority of our team was not used to hearing before playing in… Read More »What is Water Polo?

    My Greatest Lesson

      By Katherine McElroy (U-M Women’s Soccer ’23) One of the greatest life lessons that I have learned is this: Working towards a goal is a worthy endeavor, even when the promise of a successful outcome is not guaranteed. I feel like this idea isn’t discussed… Read More »My Greatest Lesson

      Best Seats in the Stadium

        by C.Y. Cheng U-M Men’s Soccer ’22 To say I had the best seats in the soccer stadium is an understatement. I’ll explain why.  Back in 2018 like every freshman, I arrived at Michigan hoping to get some minutes right away. Well, let’s just say… Read More »Best Seats in the Stadium

        From your Founders

          Welcome to the Fueling Station! We hope you all had a relaxing break and are staying warm in the Ann Arbor Arctic circle. If you’re a Michigan college athlete, “Fueling Station” probably makes you wonder how many snacks you could stuff into your Nike parka… Read More »From your Founders