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Welcome to Fueling Station, here to fuel up your day the right way. 

As former college athletes, the newsletter is the culmination of our experiences. While balancing the rigorous academic and athletic schedules, we felt that information for college athletes was very decentralized. For college athletics news, we turned to Twitter, Instagram, and other media outlets. For job opportunities, we turned to the career center and other job boards. We felt the love and support of fans (local communities, alumni, and parents), but lacked the organic channel to truly communicate. With limited time on our daily schedules, we felt the need to create something that breaks these barriers we ran into ourselves. 

Through Fueling Station, we hope to bring you the inside scoop on college athletics with organic content, and bridge the gap among college athletes, fans, and alums who all care deeply about the school they support. 

To fuel up with a quick snack through our game day routine, the four main sections are as follows:

Pre-Game Fuel – the platform for college athletes to share who they are and what they believe in. The content is original and written by college athletes in their own words.

Game Time – the center stage of recent scores, news updates, and upcoming games to cheer college athletes on.

Half-Time Snack – the concession stand to get you fueled up with our partnered brands and businesses. 

Ice Tub – the post-match ritual to get you prepared for the next big move. Job opportunities or alumni connections, we got you covered here. 

We’re so excited to share this with you and hope you enjoy what we’re bringing to the table. If you have any ideas and thoughts or would like to give us a hand in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Go Blue!

CY, Kevin, Raleigh, Cam

Cameron Martin

Michigan Men’s Soccer ’22

CY Cheng

Michigan Men’s Soccer ’22

Kevin Buca

Michigan Men’s Soccer ’22

Raleigh Loughman

Michigan Women’s Soccer ’22